Searchie Tech & Flow Tuneup/Checkup Bundle!
Let's do a review & get your hub into shape ...

What’s Your Pressing Searchie Need?

  • need to get caught up with all the great new features?
  • longtime user & need a design refresh or automation ideas?  
  • been using Searchie but you're stuck with some aspects for making the flow work for everyone
  • other - just not sure what that looks like - the possibilities?

This Searchie Tech & Flow Tuneup/Checkup Bundle is designed just for you!

Tuneup/Checkup Process

first, we'll schedule a call to go over your setup and chat about your vision for your hub

then I'll jump in - behind the scene and to a review

next, I'll do a video + written brief assessment

once you've reviewed the assessment then we'll schedule a follow-up call to go over the assessment & answer any questions that you might have

then you can make any adjustments that work for you

Oh hey, I’m Phillis

If you're looking for help with your Searchie Platform - I can help!

I've been where you are - I've been in your shoes with understanding the Searchie platform. Meaning I've invested a lot of time and money in learning the ins & outs of the platform and helping many other users like you.

This means that I can help you not only with setting up and launching your membership site and/or course but also with creating a great user experience for your students. So if you're ready to get started, it is as easy as joining investing in this course. 

PS. I am well versed in the backend technical side as well as the customer/student experience using the Instructional Design process.

The Tuneup/Checkup Bundle
Investment - $350 for Everything

An initial (first) call (value $100)

A video assessment (value $150 - $250)

A written assessment (value $150 - $250)

One follow-up (second) call (value $100)

Timeline - approximately 1 week (5 working days)

Renie Allen

Phillis SAVED my Searchie sanity! I thankfully found her early on in my Searchie journey and she was a literal lifesaver! I was drowning in technology and in comes Phillis with expertise in organization and the ability to troubleshoot any hurdle when it came to building out my Searchie Hubs. It’s as if Phillis speaks Searchie, and helped me translate how to use Searchie to create the vision."

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  • Total payment
  • 1xSearchie Tech & Flow Tuneup/Checkup$350

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